About RES Solar


RES Solar is dedicated to support Polish photovoltaic market through strategic advisory, development services and construction supervision alongside with potential investors in the sector.

Specific focus and long term experience of RES Solar includes all development phases, grid access analyses, environment studies based on administrative procedures required by the regulator.

Based in Gdansk and Koszalin RES Solar is an expert in the whole development and implementation project cycle. Our experienced cooperating companies - AOS sp. z o.o. (engineering, www.aos.pl) and BT Service s.j. (accounting and asset management, www.btservice.pl), underline our comprehensive and professional offer for the photovoltaic market.

RES Solar is a part of full cycle service provider offer

RES Solar is working together with strategic advisory company BBA Solar sp. z o.o. (www.bbasolar.pl). Both companies offer strategic advice and PV projects development and realization to international investors.


RES Solar closely cooperates and is a representative of an experienced Italian Developer who is taking advantage of the changing PV climate moving from feed-in-tariff scheme to market parity.

“In the last year solar became cost-competitive with conventional technologies and reached the mythical market parity. This has opened the doors for a solar (r)evolution which is becoming the new business model. New renewable energy decree set up the base for an annual multi-GW market, ready to retake its position as one of Europe’s sunniest and biggest solar markets” – CEO of the company.

Res Solar has strongly marked its presence on the Italian market, where it advises international clients in the field of the solar marketplace.

Depending on the type of investor (infrastructure fund, pension fund, hedge, international development company, asset management etc.) different market entry is projected ranging from (1) service agreement, through (2) co-development to (3) turn-key solution including asset management and O&M.

Res Solar is proud to be able to participate in the growth of green energy produced from renewable sources in Italy.